March 2009

Star Trek Magazine - Cover

Zachary will appear on the cover of the May issue of Star Trek Magazine. This is an early preview (not the final cover).

STAR TREK Mag May Cover.jpg

Carnegie Mellon Magazine - Cover

Zachary appears on the cover of the magazine for his college alma mater, Carnegie Mellon Today.

CMU Mag Cover small.jpg
Carnegie Mellon Logo.gif

Audiobook - STAR TREK

Zachary is the new voice of the STAR TREK audiobook series, following in the footsteps of Leonard Nimoy. He reads the novel adaptation of the new STAR TREK movie. It's available for pre-order in our STORE section, via Amazon. The book is released on May 12th, 2009.

Audiobook - Star Trek Cover.jpg

Carnegie Mellon Magazine - Interview

Here's a link to a brand new interview by Rob Owen with Zachary, by the magazine at his alma mater, Carnegie Mellon University's School Of Drama. He talks about getting the role of Spock, and talks for the first time publicly about his new production company, Before The Door Pictures, founded with producing partners Corey Moosa and Neal Dodson.

CMU Mag Cover small.jpg

Sarmy - Sylar's Army Charity Efforts

A group of Sylar/Zachary fans started a website and posting in support of the character/actor called The Sarmy. It was startedCheck out their website at, particularly for their work in promoting and raising money for charities that ZQ supports. Currently the Sarmy is working on behalf of The Epilepsy Foundation. Zachary also recently recorded a PSA with Chris Pine also in support of The Epilepsy Foundation - here's a link to the blogpost on that video (including a link to the video). All proceeds from the Sarmy Website (donations and purchases of merchandise) go to charity.


Total Film UK Cover - Star Trek

Zachary appears on one of multiple STAR TREK covers of a British film magazine called Total Film.

TOTAL FILM UK cover.jpg

Italian Magazine CIAK - Cover

Zachary and Chris Pine appear on the cover of Italian magazine Ciak.

Thumbnail image for Ciak Italian Trek Cover.jpg

Cinema Magazine Cover - Germany

Zachary appears on the cover of the German magazine Cinema.

Cinema Cover - German.jpg

Nobu West Hollywood - THANK YOU

Saturday was the photo shoot for - with all photos taken by Joe Quinto, Zachary's older brother and frequent photographer. The shoot took place at Nobu West Hollywood on La Cienega Boulevard. Thank you to Erin Janzer at Syndicate for making the arrangements and to Nobu for generously allowing the photo shoot to take over the restaurant for the day. The restaurant and their world-renowned food is amazing... Their website is at

Nobu West Hollywood.jpg

ZQ - STAR TREK trailers (all of them) - Player

In order of release, here is a player of all of the STAR TREK trailers, starting with the teaser, up until the most recent trailers.

Talk About It

In support of Greg Grunberg's efforts to raise awareness about epilepsy and its treatments, Zachary was happy to participate in this PSA campaign, and to share the resulting link with his fan community. It benefits The Epilepsy Foundation. Check back in for more charity involvement as the site progresses.

Sarmy Banners

These banners/links are for - the Official Website of the Sarmy.


Star Trek Magazine - Cover

Zachary will appear with Chris Pine on the cover of Star Trek Magazine's April issue.

Star Trek Magazine April 09 Cover.jpg

ZQ Events & Interviews - Video Player

A collection of videos of Zachary at various events and being interviewed.


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