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two down.  what can i say about new zealand... other than i wish we could have stayed much longer.  the premiere went really well.  people were excited - but not frenzied.  i have noticed a kind of ease about the people in this part of the world.  understandable when you consider the natural beauty that surrounds them.  the kind of chaotic hollywood experience of flash and celebrity and spectacle doesn't quite have the same effect.  and i prefer it.  but what they do have is a tremendous spirit of adventure.  something i did not know is that bungee jumping was invented in auckland.  and apparently the saying goes - you can't leave auckland without jumping off of something.  so when in rome... or auckland.  the day after the premiere elder quinto and i - along with our intrepid paramount publicist angharad - took a leap off of the tallest building in the southern hemisphere.  it's called the sky jump.  and it is a controlled descent - but a descent nonetheless - of 630 feet in 11 seconds.  working on some video to post.  but for now you'll have to take my word for the fact that it was one of the scariest and exhilarating experiences i have had in a very long time.  then - after that adventure - we were treated to a helicopter ride over auckland which landed us at te whau vineyard - one of the most exquisite restaurants in the city.  overlooking the water and with stunning views all around - the lot of us had an incredible lunch before beginning our epic journey to the next leg of the trip.  the middle eastern leg.  definitely not sure what to expect of that.  but will be excited to see how it all unfolds.  some pictures of the auckland fun.  until next time...

this is a pre-premiere reception at the top of sky tower.  by the end of the next morning i will have jumped from this height...
auckland night.jpg


jq.  zq.

helicopter ride to lunch?  i won't say no...

a bird's eye view of one of auckland's harbors - where they say everyone and their dog has a boat.

roger that.

a view from te whau vineyard.  not a bad lunch spot.

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