i can't believe...


... i'm still awake.

just got into my hotel room in auckland after a couple of incredible days in sydney.  the world premiere was a thrill.  could the lit up sydney opera house look any more like the starfleet insignia?!  even in the face of some trekker upheaval - it seems obvious why the world premiere was held there.  and the austin sneak premiere feels like a fair exchange - with spock #1 on hand for the festivities.  we are in new zealand for a couple of days now - then on to kuwait.  most of us are looking forward to that leg of the trip above everything else.  the troops.  the movie.  a good combination.  i am going to fall asleep imminently.  here are some pics from our travels today.  a lot happening.  a lot to look forward to.  more to come... as usual.

opera insignia....
sydney insignia

a backstage view of the premiere crowd.
Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for opera crowd

the brothers quinto.  on our way.
Thumbnail image for brothers quinto

almost there...
Thumbnail image for almost there

a somehow fitting auckland street sign.  a green light.  but no green girl...
Thumbnail image for kirkbride

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