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it has been a while.  travels have brought me home.  took a few days of relative solitude to let things breathe.  the last leg of the trip was absolutely raucous and exhausting.  mostly because all of us realized the imminent conclusion of such an epic adventure and wanted to make the most of it.  went back and forth between la and new york a few times.  then touched down in tokyo for a blink before coming home and seeking some desert revelation.  highlight of the trips to nyc?  unsurprisingly...  SNL.  such a mindblowing convergence of childhood dreams and creative freedom.  i mean - come on.  gilda radner?!  kevin nealon!  jan hooks & phil hartman!!!  the history of genius and hilarity and instinct.  the possibility of it all.  the cast and writers could not have been more generous or welcoming.  justin timberlake slaughtered it.  and all i can say is: SNL knows how to throw an after party.  and after after party.  suffice it to say i boarded my 8:30 sunday morning flight to tokyo with literally no sleep.  not being hyperbolic.  but it all evened out.  in the end - and i welcome all of your support in this matter - the simple fact remains: i must host saturday night live imminently.  we're working on it.  to be sure.  tokyo was a brief delight.  whet my appetite more than anything.  there was karaoke until the wee hours after the premiere.  to be sure.  john cho definitely gave the most rousing rendition of lionel ritchie's hello that i have ever heard.  to be sure.  that boy can sing.  go see his band in la sometime.  all told... we all went for it.  all around.  and now the movie's out.  official travel has concluded.  for the most part i have switched into life mode again.  i will likely be laying low the next couple weeks to solidify next steps and gather momentum before the door.  a sincere and direct thank you to all of my fans who have followed my exploits and supported our travels and adventures.  glad to have been able to share some of it with you since you are ultimately the reason that it's possible.  thanks for seeing the film in such impressive numbers and please keep spreading the word.  we'll keep information and ideas flowing through.  and i will most certainly check in again soon.  in the meantime.  some photos.  and please don't miss the merkin interview.  seriously.  my favorite interview from the entire press tour.  to be sure.  be well all.  see you soon.  zq. 

one late night at a bar in the lower east side.  blue light glasses anyone?
blue eyes.jpg

a picture's worth...

tokyo premiere...
tokyo rose.jpg

tokyo photo call...
tokyo paps.jpg

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