June 2009

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medium well.

brian jarvis and i used to sling hash together at a hipster coffee shop in hollywood.  that is the cornerstone of our friendship.  i have never laughed so hard over a plate of greasy fries.  and as i look back on that time when i was chasing something that - i know now can't be caught - i am grateful to have shared it with the likes of brian jarvis.  and i am more grateful that all these years later - he still makes me laugh as hard.  and he's not slinging hash anymore.  he's dressing up like a crazy mid-century-style butcher covered in blood chomping a cigar.  and living with a steak (the inimitable jim freeman).  this is the first in a line of little offerings of work that i and we at before the door believe in - and are honored to share.  they will come sporadically and in our own time.  they will all come surrounded by some quiet fanfare.  they will come from different points of view.  but will also come from voices that we have known for many years.  long before before the door.  brian jarvis is the first.  and i - and we - are proud to present:

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     - zq

Box Office for STAR TREK

The movie keeps on rolling... STAR TREK crossed $240,000,000 domestic box office this past weekend. See article below.


A photo of Zachary that's not been posted before. More news on new projects soon.



moments before shaking hands with president obama


360 degrees at MTV Movie Awards

Zachary attended the MTV Movie Awards last night with "HEROES" star Hayden Panettiere. Click HERE to see ZQ in 360 degree Matrix-style photograph on the red carpet.


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