Comic-Con 2009 : Before the Door / Archaia

Zachary and his partners at Before The Door (Corey Moosa, and Neal Dodson) attended Comic-Con this past weekend in San Diego. The main purpose of their visit was to announce a three-book publishing deal with Archaia Comics. More details on those specific projects will be trickling out over the next few days, including artwork.

Below is an interview from Newsarama that details the new venture.

On that front, here are some thoughts from Zachary:

"As a company passionate about telling unique stories, we're thrilled to be doing that on our projects with Archaia. I've been immersed in the comic book world through my work as an actor, and it feels fitting that Corey, Neal and I are diving even further into it as producers. It's my third year in a row at Comic-Con--Sylar, Spock and now Archaia."

And from Corey Moosa: 

"I second Zachary, and add that, as a lifelong comic book fan myself, our writers are telling some awesome tales. We can't wait to share them."


And here's a VIDEO of the first segment of the Comic-Con panel that featured Zachary Quinto, comicbook legend Jeph Loeb (who moderated the panel), Corey Moosa, Neal Dodson, Archaia director of development Stephen Christy, Archaia president PJ Bickett, and our first two writers: Victor Quinaz & Michael McMillian. Thanks to Mabes and the Sarmy for the front row video footage.

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