August 2009

BORDEAUX - poster for short film

Here's a previously unreleased poster for our short film project "BORDEAUX". If you never had a chance to see the short film, check it out below. It was made from over 15,000 still photos, and features ZQ and features five other HEROES cast members on the set.

The short film:

David Lynch Art Exhibit

At the "Dark Night Of The Soul" exhibit art opening, with Mr. David Lynch. It was a collaboration between Lynch (photography) and Dangermouse 9music) and Sparklehorse (music). Suzanne Vega and others were involved musically as well.

Sarmy Fan Poster of Sylar: HEROES

The show returns 09.21.09.

Poster for HEROES: Redemption


Newsarama Interviews Michael McMillian (re: LUCID & Before The Door)

See the blog post on the Before The Door website, about Michael McMillian and our Archaia project with him: LUCID.


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SYLAR: Deconstructed - Video

More HEROES Preview Footage

Check it out... from WIRED magazine. Volume 5: Redemption.

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