January 2010

to clarify...

                                                                                                                    1.28.10 (nyc)

i have been inundated with questions and confusion about a comment i made during an interview with wired - about the new atari star trek online game - in which i said i am stepping away from trek for the next two years.  obviously i will be a part of any upcoming films... reprising my role as spock.  what i meant was that in the meantime i won't be making any public appearances related to the franchise - or doing any more auxiliary projects pertaining to the trek universe.  i will be focusing my efforts on other projects and preparing to shoot the next film - which will be released in june of 2012... two years from now.  hence the no trek for two years remark.  worry not trekkers.  it was a misunderstanding of context.  i am not spock.  but i am spock.  all at the same time.  

ll & p.


"Yoda & Me" podcast (ZQ Guest Stars)

Zachary did a guest appearance on "YODA & ME" - a podcast created by and starring Loren Tarquinio and David Hornsby (a fellow CMU alum, and writer/actor on "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia").

Check it out. - YODA & ME


new haiti site

please spread the word about a new earthquake relief site, www.haitianhero.com. help jimmy jean-louis bring aid to the people of haiti.  thank you.

URGENT: our thoughts and hearts with jimmy jean-louis...


as i'm sure a lot of you HEROES fans know - my cast mate and friend jimmy jean-louis is from haiti - and has been deeply effected by the recent tragedy that has befallen his homeland.  jimmy is an incredible spirit who tirelessly commits his energy and resources to humanitarian work in haiti.  he has changed many lives there through his deep compassion and generosity.  now he needs our help.  my heart is very open to him and his entire family during this unfathomably difficult time.  please send thoughts and wishes of safety and recovery to him.  to his family.  and to the entire country.  also - please visit his website HOLLYWOOD UNITES FOR HAITI at:

and donate in any way you can.  it is a desperate situation in an already desperate country.  please take this time to realize how fortunate we all are - and extend in gratitude from your heart in a time of great need.  thank you everyone...


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