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As the Holiday Season is upon us, the PERIODS. web series wraps Season 1 with a new video featuring Zachary Quinto called BEFORE AFTER II and a brand new website, Victor and Philip Quinaz and Anna Martemucci created PERIODS. The new short, BEFORE AFTER II, is a co-production between Before The Door Pictures, Nomadic Films, and Robinson Films, Inc.


The newest project - BEFORE AFTER II


PERIODS. is comedy series based out of Brooklyn, NY, where historic context and accurate period dress mixes with an extremely modern style of comedy. Their short films include PILGRIMS, a new spin on EDITH WHARTON'S ETHAN FROME, the Independence Day classic FOREFATHERS, Halloween's HAGS, and two unique sketches called BEFORE AFTER, both featuring actor Zachary Quinto.





And see the original BEFORE AFTER featuring Zachary Quinto here:


PERIODS. can also be found on facebook:


The website once again is:

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