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Ebay Auction

Help raise funds for Pakistan relief with this Ebay auction: Signed Heroes t-shirt.

URGENT: our thoughts and hearts with jimmy jean-louis...


as i'm sure a lot of you HEROES fans know - my cast mate and friend jimmy jean-louis is from haiti - and has been deeply effected by the recent tragedy that has befallen his homeland.  jimmy is an incredible spirit who tirelessly commits his energy and resources to humanitarian work in haiti.  he has changed many lives there through his deep compassion and generosity.  now he needs our help.  my heart is very open to him and his entire family during this unfathomably difficult time.  please send thoughts and wishes of safety and recovery to him.  to his family.  and to the entire country.  also - please visit his website HOLLYWOOD UNITES FOR HAITI at:

and donate in any way you can.  it is a desperate situation in an already desperate country.  please take this time to realize how fortunate we all are - and extend in gratitude from your heart in a time of great need.  thank you everyone...


VIDEO: Interview re: "Hollywood's Least Wanted"

Charity & The Sarmy

The "Hollywood's Least Wanted" 3-D art show by Rachel Schmeidler on Saturday was a big success. Thanks to everyone who attended a lot of money was raised and several dogs were rescued.

Also - a big thanks to The Sarmy and the ZQ Community, who have also independently raised several thousand dollars for charity through auctions and the Sarmy Store. Particular thanks for Elizabeth O'Keefe, who has made a large donation (with matching funds from her employer). Mabes keeps us up-to-date on all of it.

More on future charitable plans to come in time. Until then, thank you so much for all that you do. Here's a video of an adorable girl named Summer who came to the event with her mom Wendy on Saturday with her Vulcan ears on and a gift for Noah. So cute.

noah quinto

noah and i will be at this saturday.


hollywood's least wanted - charity multimedia exhibition

on saturday, i'm hosting a charity multimedia exhibition, of 3-D photos of rescue dogs, along with my own rescue dog, noah.  the artist, rachel schmeidler is a friend of mine who went to carnegie mellon as well, and asked me to help bring attention to a great cause.

here's the official invitation:



RSVP for Hollywood Least Wanted 3D

November 21, 2009 

Hollywood Least Wanted 3D

4:00 PM Red Carpet Dog Walk

5:00 PM Reception

7:00 PM After Party 

Rivera & Rivera 

1100 S. Hope Street

Los Angeles, California 90015




Please join multimedia artist Rachel Schmeidler and celebrity guests Zachary Quinto 

and other celebs (and their pet dogs) for an evening enjoying a new exhibition of 3D 

modern artwork and fundraising for animals in need. The "Hollywood Least Wanted 

3D" exhibit is Schmeidler's latest work in 3D and will feature anaglyphic 3D 

photographs of dogs and cats "behind bars" in an effort to raise public awareness 

and support for the animals. Also featured at the exhibit are 3D versions 

Schmeidler's "Hollywood Most Wanted" series of celebrity mugshots. Schmeidler's 

work has been featured on CNN, Access Hollywood and US Weekly Magazine. 


Hollywood Least Wanted 3D is catered to raise funds for the City of Los Angeles' 

Animal Services Department as well as to serve as an animal adoption fair.   A 

required donation of $20 includes one raffle ticket to several prize drawings if 

you order online at:  

Raffle prizes will drawn one day before the event on November 20, 2009.  

Please RSVP at  

There is limited space to this event.

In addition to the donation, 50% of the proceeds from the sale of artwork will go 

towards the Department of Animal Services of the City of Los Angeles.



please Join:


t: 323.650.4173
e: | w:


RSVP with Stephanie Vanderholm,, 303.883.8832.

Sarmy - Sylar's Army Charity Efforts

A group of Sylar/Zachary fans started a website and posting in support of the character/actor called The Sarmy. It was startedCheck out their website at, particularly for their work in promoting and raising money for charities that ZQ supports. Currently the Sarmy is working on behalf of The Epilepsy Foundation. Zachary also recently recorded a PSA with Chris Pine also in support of The Epilepsy Foundation - here's a link to the blogpost on that video (including a link to the video). All proceeds from the Sarmy Website (donations and purchases of merchandise) go to charity.


Talk About It

In support of Greg Grunberg's efforts to raise awareness about epilepsy and its treatments, Zachary was happy to participate in this PSA campaign, and to share the resulting link with his fan community. It benefits The Epilepsy Foundation. Check back in for more charity involvement as the site progresses.

Sarmy Banners

These banners/links are for - the Official Website of the Sarmy.



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