Carnegie Mellon Magazine - Cover

Zachary appears on the cover of the magazine for his college alma mater, Carnegie Mellon Today.

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Carnegie Mellon Magazine - Interview

Here's a link to a brand new interview by Rob Owen with Zachary, by the magazine at his alma mater, Carnegie Mellon University's School Of Drama. He talks about getting the role of Spock, and talks for the first time publicly about his new production company, Before The Door Pictures, founded with producing partners Corey Moosa and Neal Dodson.

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Before The Door Pictures

Before The Door Pictures officially opened its doors today. It was founded by producing partners Zachary Quinto, Corey Moosa, and Neal Dodson. More news coming soon, as well as a website. Stay tuned...


Barack Obama's Campaign

Watch video of Zachary out in his hometown of Pittsburgh,  Pennsylvania speaking to college students as a surrogate for presidential candidate, Barack Obama. Zachary spoke at his alma mater Carnegie Mellon University, and with Pulitzer-Prize-winning author Michael Chabon and actor Kal Penn at the University of Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh Magazine - Cover

Zachary appears on the cover of his hometown's magazine - Pittsburgh Magazine. Zachary grew up in Pittsburgh, and also attended college at Carnegie Mellon University's School Of Drama in Pittsburgh.

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