BORDEAUX - poster for short film

Here's a previously unreleased poster for our short film project "BORDEAUX". If you never had a chance to see the short film, check it out below. It was made from over 15,000 still photos, and features ZQ and features five other HEROES cast members on the set.

The short film:

SYLAR: Deconstructed - Video

More HEROES Preview Footage

Check it out... from WIRED magazine. Volume 5: Redemption.

HEROES: Season 4 - Redemption

HEROES. Season 4. Volume 5: Redemption. 


Premieres on Monday, September 21st on NBC. 

Sylar has more work to do...

Here's a video preview of the new season...

BORDEAUX - short film exclusive

Click HERE to see "BORDEAUX" - a short film produced by Before The Door Pictures (Zachary Quinto, Corey Moosa, and Neal Dodson) and directed by photographer/filmmaker Dave Schwep. It features "HEROES" castmembers: Greg Grunberg, Jack Coleman, Zeljko Ivanek, and Masi Oka. Also check out Dave Schwep's other work at his company Dreamsequences. Also find the "BORDEAUX" short film on www.youtube/beforethedoor, where you can embed it in your own site or blog.
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HEROES Superbowl Commercial - Music Video

HEROES Superbowl Commercial

Heroes Videos - Player

Here's a player with some favorite "HEROES" promos, commercials, and features.

ZQ - Fan Videos Player

Here's a player of fanmade Sylar and Zachary videos, including several from members of the Sarmy. Visit the FANS section for more information.


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