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ZQ's LOST INTERVIEW - Comic-Con, 2009, Archaia

VIDEO: ZQ interviewed by Comic Book Resources

At ComicCon 2009, Zachary was interviewed by CBR TV about the upcoming Archaia comic book projects, MR MURDER IS DEAD and LUCID. Watch for the Mabes/Sarmy shoutout. This interview was done right after the HEROES panel, and right before the Archaia/BTD panel.

VIDEO: The Quinto & Pine "Bromance" Interview

Zachary appeared on NBC's "SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE" on May 9th, alongside castmates Chris Pine and Leonard Nimoy during Seth Meyers' "Weekend Update" segment. See below via

VIDEO: Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Leonard Nimoy and Zachary as guests on "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" last night. The other guests for the night were Joan Rivers and Rachel Ray. 

Click HERE for the full episode. Below is a clip.

Newsweek Video - ZQ and Leonard Nimoy

5/7/09 - In their first video interview together, Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto break down their 'fascinating' character's iconic ears, famous greeting and infamous fans.

ZQ Sky Jump in Auckland, NZ

As promised on Letterman, here is the video of Zachary bungy-jumping from the Sky Tower in Auckland, NZ, and falling 53 miles per hour.  


JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE - Tonight - Tuesday, May 5th

Zachary is the first guest on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" tonight on ABC at 12:05, 11:05 Central, talking about "STAR TREK". 

Below is a clip of ZQ's last appearance on Kimmel over a year ago.



VIDEO: London Premiere Blue Carpet

Trek uber-blogger Anthony Pascale over at has extensive coverage on the London Premiere of STAR TREK. Here's an interview video that they posted on YouTube - JJ, Zachary, and the rest of the cast interviewed on the blue carpet.

ZQ Events & Interviews - Video Player

A collection of videos of Zachary at various events and being interviewed.


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