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STAR TREK: dvd & blu-ray are in stores today

STAR TREK dvd (1.5 hours extra features, 2 discs) and blu-ray (3 hours of extra features, 3 discs) are available today. 

Click HERE to purchase from the ZQ Amazon Store. Below poster from


VIDEO: Spock Extra Feature - TREK DVD

VIDEO: Merkin Interview. Enough said.

Michelle Merkin interviews Zachary & Chris Pine for EPIX.

AUDIO: Sample of ZQ Narrating the "STAR TREK" Audiobook

Here's a 5 minute audio sample of Zachary narrating the Audiobook version of Alan Dean Foster's "STAR TREK" film adaptation. Thanks to Simon & Schuster for sending us the clip. Purchase the audiobook HEREZachary narrates the entire 8.5 hour book and voices all of the characters, which includes parts of the story that are not in the movie. 

Here's the audio sample:

VIDEO: The Quinto & Pine "Bromance" Interview

ZQ NARRATES: the new "STAR TREK" Audiobook

Tomorrow, Simon & Schuster releases the Zachary Quinto audiobook of the "STAR TREK" movie novel adaptation written by Alan Dean Foster, based on Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman's screenplay. Zachary narrates the entire 8.5 hour book and voices all of the characters, which includes parts of the story that are not in the movie. Go to the ZQ STORE to buy your copy. 

John Tenuto reviewed Zachary's narration on - here is an excerpt of that REVIEW:

"The Narration by Zachary Quinto

I cannot offer enough accolades to Zachary Quinto's narration. He is simply the best audio book narrator in the history of Star Trek, and that is saying quite a great deal considering the formidable and venerable talents of George Takei and James Doohan. Yet, Quinto shows all his acting abilities in the audio adaptation and he has a thoughtful style as narrator. He performs Scotty and Chekov flawlessly (watch out Anton Yelchin!). He also has a subtly in his voice while performing Kirk that is very good and displays the assuredness of the character without being a parody. One of the fun things about listening to audio books is to hear how various narrators act out characters of the opposite sex (think William Shatner in "Turnabout Intruder"). Quinto does very good at hinting at the femininity of characters without lisping to exaggerations or stereotypical imitations. In the film, Eric Bana uses several voices as he performs Nero (compare his voices when welcoming back Spock with talking to Pike). Quinto does a very good job of staying consistent and sounding like Bana. Quinto is a true master of various accents.

As the generic narrator, Quinto also displays excellent qualities. His tonation and energy help maintain interest during the 8.5 hours of the audio book. His abilities as narrator and character actor are especially seen in the scenes on the USS Kelvin. With only his voice (no sound effects or music accompany his reading of the text), Quinto is able to convey all the sadness and tragedy of those moments. In fact, he is so good that as a father and fan, I am not embarrassed to say there were tears in my eyes while listening to Quinto's heartbreaking reading of the scenes between Winona and George Kirk. That he is able to engender this kind of emotion in an audio book speaks volumes about Quinto's talent."

See the video below for more information or click HERE for publisher's site. Audio clips are coming from the publisher tomorrow...

Zachary appeared on NBC's "SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE" on May 9th, alongside castmates Chris Pine and Leonard Nimoy during Seth Meyers' "Weekend Update" segment. See below via

VIDEO: Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Leonard Nimoy and Zachary as guests on "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" last night. The other guests for the night were Joan Rivers and Rachel Ray. 

Click HERE for the full episode. Below is a clip.

Newsweek Video - ZQ and Leonard Nimoy

5/7/09 - In their first video interview together, Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto break down their 'fascinating' character's iconic ears, famous greeting and infamous fans.

VIDEO: Ellen DeGeneres Interview

ZQ Interviewed on the Ellen DeGeneres Show on Youtube

JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE - Tonight - Tuesday, May 5th

Zachary is the first guest on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" tonight on ABC at 12:05, 11:05 Central, talking about "STAR TREK". 

Below is a clip of ZQ's last appearance on Kimmel over a year ago.

TREKKIES are furious over new movie!



VIDEO: London Premiere Blue Carpet

Trek uber-blogger Anthony Pascale over at has extensive coverage on the London Premiere of STAR TREK. Here's an interview video that they posted on YouTube - JJ, Zachary, and the rest of the cast interviewed on the blue carpet.

VIDEO: British Talk Show - Zachary & Chris on GMTV

Zachary and Chris Pine were interviewed this morning in London on GMTV with Lorraine Kelly, in anticipation of tonight's London Premiere of STAR TREK in Leicester Square. LINK HERE.

Live long symbol.jpg

VIDEO from KUWAIT: Zachary talks to a soldier's daughter on the phone!

Video posted on Zachary's FanPage on Facebook by a soldier named Earl. In Kuwait, he asked Zachary to talk to his daughter on his cellphone, and the call is on video. 


More Sydney Footage

SYDNEY Premiere - Red Carpet Video with Movie Footage

An amazing look at the actors and the film, in conjunction with STAR TREK's world premiere in Sydney, Australia.

Auckland Interview - Part 2

Auckland Interview - Part 1

New STAR TREK - TV Spot # 5

ZQ - STAR TREK trailers (all of them) - Player

In order of release, here is a player of all of the STAR TREK trailers, starting with the teaser, up until the most recent trailers.


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