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"before after II" - here's the short film

Followers, Christmas Sweaters, Santa and his Elf.


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Zachary Quinto
Philip Quinaz
Alison Fyhrie
Brian Shoaf
Anna Martemucci
Lauren Weisstein
Yamin Segal
Wayne McElroy
and Pooh Weisstein

Director: Victor Quinaz
Created by: Anna Martemucci and Victor Quinaz

Production: Robinson Film Inc., Nomadic Films, DSP, and Before The Door Pictures

Producers: Scott Robinson, Anna Martemucci, Giovanni P. Autran, and Victor Quinaz
Executive Producers: Zachary Quinto, Neal Dodson, and Corey Moosa
Photographed by: Giovanni P. Autran and Geoffrey Feinberg
Edited by: Giovanni P. Autran, Charles Porter, and Evan Leed
AD: Tony Mancilla
Wardrobe: Dasha Martikainen
Art Director/Hair and Make Up: Leah Quinaz and Alison Fyhrie
Production Manager: Lauren Weisstein
Sound: Charlie Porter and Evan Leed
Sound Design: Philip Quinaz
Gaffer: Wayne McElroy
Dude: Michael Lidondici
Painting by: Lucien Dulfan
PA: Hitaish Sharma, Paula Vecino, and West Hyler

Special Thanks to Jose Zayas, Katie O'Connell, Anthony Manzo, Kelly McCormick, Fred Brehm, and Kenzo Digital
A Very Special Thanks to TDF Costume Collection, the Screenwriters Colony, and the tenants of 10 Jay St.
And a Very Very Special Thanks to Sean Akers


©QUINAZ 2010

"hags" is our newest short film

from my company, before the door pictures, and the "PERIODS." crew in new york (vq, am, pq, ga, af, and corey moosa, my producing partner) comes "hags".

george washingtron - followup to "forefathers"

before the door collaborator (writer brian shoaf) reprises his role as george washing(tron). quinaz and the periods crew present... "george washingtron".

happy 4th of july - "FOREFATHERS" is here

from the same team that brought you BEFORE/AFTER and STUNTED and PILGRIMS and ETHAN FROME... comes a new comedy about the birth of our nation. before the door friends VQ and PQ and anna and shoaf and pablo proudly present:


BEFORE AFTER - bonus content - MATADORS (singing)

BEFORE AFTER - bonus content - PRIESTS

BEFORE AFTER - bonus content - CLOWNS

Watch Before After

Before After


Many of you have already seen the video, but for those of you who haven't... Check it out. Before After is now LIVE on FunnyorDie.com. BEFORE AFTER. And you can DIGG it here.

BEFORE AFTER - the poster

poster #1 for BEFORE AFTER on funny or die.


new funny or die video - tomorrow

it's called BEFORE AFTER. keep checking back, and it'll be everywhere soon...

"stunted" web series trailer - from victor quinaz & gang

check out the hysterical trailer for "stunted" from the same gang who brought you the "ethan frome" and "pilgrims" short films.

before the door and i are working on a bunch of projects with this team: victor quinaz, anna martemucci, philip quinaz, and alison fiery. web stuff, feature film stuff, and beyond.


ETHAN FROME - (from creators of PILGRIMS)

from the creators of PILGRIMS, comes a new short film - EDITH WHARTON'S ETHAN FROME. our friends, creators anna martemucci and victor quinaz, are both working on multiple projects with before the door pictures. along with their team, they wrote and directed this followup to PILGRIMS. news of this new project has already been picked up by new york magazine.


and in case you missed it, PILGRIMS

"Yoda & Me" podcast (ZQ Guest Stars)

Zachary did a guest appearance on "YODA & ME" - a podcast created by and starring Loren Tarquinio and David Hornsby (a fellow CMU alum, and writer/actor on "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia").

Check it out. - YODA & ME


Holt & Steele Strike Again - A VERY NAKED CHRISTMAS

HOSTAGE: A Love Story" was written by Holt & Steele. www.holtandsteele.com

Here is a little naked magic.

anyone but me

a friend of mine and playwright, susan miller, created a web series called "anyone but me."  i got the chance to work with her at ojai playwright's conference, performing in her amazing play, "a map of doubt and rescue." 

check out the promo video below.

PILGRIMS - Happy Thanksgiving Video

A Thanksgiving treat: our Before the Door collaborators, filmmakers Anna Martemucci & Victor Quinaz (writer of MR MURDER IS DEAD) have made a smart short film called PILGRIMS. Mumblecore (humblecore?) madness. 

Happy Thanksgiving from ZQ, ND, CM and the BTD team.

HOSTAGE: Outtakes - the video

HOSTAGE: The Outtakes

And in case you missed it - "HOSTAGE: A Love Story" the original video on Funny Or Die.

HOSTAGE: Outtakes (Poster)

The "HOSTAGE: The Outtakes" video is coming as soon as possible. In the meantime... Here's a poster for this side project.

Funny Or Die & Before The Door present "HOSTAGE: A Love Story"

POSTER for "HOSTAGE: A Love Story"

Here is the poster for "HOSTAGE: A Love Story". The Before The Door Pictures short film debuts on FunnyOrDie.com tomorrow, Wednesday September, 2nd.

Directed by Hank Nelken (the writer of SAVING SILVERMAN, among other films), and written by Holt Bailey and Brian Steele (www.holtandsteele.com). It stars Zachary Quinto, Roberta Valderrama (10 ITEMS OR LESS on TBS), and Rachael Harris (THE HANGOVER).

Full cast and crew credits are on Before The Door's website, and the Exclusive Video section of zq.com. They are also trickling onto imdb.com.


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